Print Marketing Trends in 2022

Published on January 12, 2022

Print Marketing Trends Infographic

We’ve compiled a list of the biggest print marketing trends for this year below! So you can make sure your print marketing wows your audience and returns the results you want. We’d love to have a chat with you about your next campaign so contact us and let’s get working on an incredible print marketing campaign for you using these brilliant print marketing trends.

1. Targeted Direct Mail

Trend number one and it’s a good one! Direct Mail is easily one of the most effective forms of print marketing. The reason behind this? It’s because you can target your perfect potential customers and print has much more of an impact than digital marketing ads. The tangible nature of print combined with the specific targeting makes this method an absolute winner. So, what is it, and how do you do it? Well firstly, Direct Mail, is a printed campaign that gets pushed through your audience’s letter boxes. These can range from something as simple as a letter to more creative
printed pieces like Infinity Cards.

2. Retargeting With Print

You may have heard of retargeting with digital ads but have you thought about retargeting with print? We’ve all seen ads pop up on our screens after we’ve been researching products or services, even maybe on our Facebook and Instagram feeds. But did you know that many brands are turning to print retargeting as a way of encouraging customers to purchase products they have left in their online baskets. Especially the higher price products and services. So how is this made possible? It’s all made possible by cookies on websites. Cookies can track where customers go on your website and when a cookie can be matched to somebody who has opted into receiving your marketing, you have a very warm lead that could be encouraged to convert with an eye catching print marketing campaign straight through their door!

3. Personalisation

Personalisation is something that can really take your print to the next level. It allows your campaigns to really connect with your audience. Print marketing has the power to resonate with your audience anyway, add into the mix personalising it and it’s a winning combo! But personalisation now isn’t just about putting your customer’s name on marketing pieces, there are more sophisticated ways of personalising your print too. You can design and distribute based on demographics such as age, gender, location, and even the images on the print that will resonate and relate to your desired audience more too! Additionally, you could take your audience to a personalised landing page through a QR code on your printed campaign! Making the whole campaign personalised from start to finish.

Did you know that 60% of people are likely to become repeat buyers after having a personalised experience?

4. Finishing Options

There are so many finishing options to choose from and they can really enhance the design and look of your print campaign. For instance, gold foiling can add the ‘Wow’ factor to any print and is particularly effective at making your print even more retainable! People will not discard anything that looks that good! Another finish that you might want to consider is Lenticular print, which can give your print the appearance of a 3D moving image! This finish can be incredibly effective when marketing a product or service that is based around motion. We can attach Lenticular covers to our Z-Fold cards which have a fantastic response from your audience. Check out all our finishes that can make your campaigns even more engaging.

5. Sustainability

It’s not a trend… it’s an absolute must, and we’re proud to say that our products are printed on FSC certified stocks, you can read more about how we stay sustainable in our blog. Sustainability to most consumers is so important when it comes to purchasing products. In fact 88% of consumers want brands to help them improve their environmental footprint! So, ensuring that your print campaigns are environmentally friendly and letting your consumers know that they are is so important. You can do this by having it printed on your campaign, an example of this would be having the FSC certified logo printed somewhere on your campaign.

6. Combining Digital & Print

This one is one of our all time favourite things to do with print marketing. It’s a trend that will only develop into even bigger and better ways of combining print with digital marketing methods. The results from doing this with your print can be amazing! Any campaign can be made endlessly more engaging by combining both digital and print methods. Both methods have huge advantages and when these are combined they can have incredible results. Some of the most popular ways of combining print and digital marketing methods are by using QR codes and technology such as Augmented Reality.

Know any more print marketing trends for 2022? Get in touch with us!

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