Print Finish

Antimicrobial Coatings

This can be applied to the covers of our Alpha Cards, giving you extra reassurance that your printed campaigns are completely germ free. Get in touch for more technical details.

Foiling, Embossing and Spot UV

If you’re looking for a luxury finish to match your needs, why not talk to our team about embossing, debossing, foiling, spot UV or soft touch laminates.

Flow Wrapping

Enclosing your Alpha Card within a sealed plastic wrap. Made to food grade specifications if required, this option is ideal for any situation in which your card will accompany a culinary product, needs that additional bit of protection or needs combining with another item. If required, the Flow Wrap can be made from compostable materials.

Perforated Panels

Lending themselves to our K-Fold and Z-Fold inner products, this is the ideal customisation for when you want to include vouchers or response mechanisms. Go even further with a perforated extended cover.


Clear plastic discs externally which can be permanent or temporary and perforated or unperforated, depending entirely on your intended use. This is ideal for enclosing applications such as magazine tip in.

Oyster Wallets

The Credit Card Cover slips perfectly into an Oyster Wallet alongside cards of all types; whether that be rail, membership or other. It’s a perfect way to make your information readily available to the end-user.

Lenticular Covers

Used to create a 3-D effect to give your images depth, this clever printing technology can give your images the appearance of moving.