Why you should be using Door Drops and Direct Mail Marketing.

Published on November 30, 2020

In a lot of cases, it is now not possible to have your clients, customers or guests visit your store or your business. The opportunity for your audience and customers to experience your brand face to face has been wiped out! With the uncertainty of how long this may continue and with the potential for more lockdowns in the future, how can you adapt? How can you ensure that you’re giving your audience, that is missing out on experiencing your business first hand, an effective taste of your brand and what you offer?

Don’t underestimate the power of print marketing. Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened as opposed to only 20-30% of emails. It is tempting to shy away from investing in marketing at all during times like these, but don’t! Marketing is what will keep your brand going, it will keep your brand in your customer’s minds. The possibility of more brands spending less money on their marketing is higher right now, stand out and send your customer’s something they will remember.

What’s the answer?

Direct Mail and Door Drops! Both are marketing techniques that are taking centre stage right now. Print marketing is still a powerful tool when done right. Combined with digital technologies, print can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool and together can make sure your audience is experiencing your brand in its entirety. Print marketing is proven to make a customer feel more valued and appreciated. Think about it, when you see an online ad, you don’t feel like the ad is personally for you, but when you receive post addressed to you, or a Door Drop through your letterbox, it’s so much more personal. This brand has taken the time to research its customers and your location. When you have a customer that feels appreciated and valued, with a fantastic piece of print marketing and an offer or coupon as part of the campaign, it’s a recipe for success!

How can you make your Direct Mail and Door Drops more awesome and engaging?

The options are endless…but here’s a few for you to sink your teeth into.

Make sure your print design is memorable.

It’s a chance to not only produce a great campaign but to have fun with it too and when you have fun with a campaign, it shows! Our Infinity Cards are ideal for Door Drops and are sure to immerse your customers into a unique experience of your brand, unlike anything they would have received through the post before! We can even create the design and take care of the mailing for you, all you have to do is get in touch (our contact details are below) and tell us your initial ideas. We’ll take your campaign from there! Check out the job we did for Orlando Health to give you some inspiration. We mailed out the oversized Infinity Card in branded envelopes as part of their campaign.

Include QR Codes on your printed campaigns.

Take customers straight to your website, QR codes are a fantastic way to increase your conversions and track the success of your campaign. Or alternatively the QR code could take your customers to an animation or video that would inspire your customers to explore your product or business further. (More about how you can track your direct mail print campaigns in our next blog so keep a lookout on our social channels for our next blog update.)

Be sure to include coupons or offers as part of your Door Drop.

You can use a discount code for online purchases or even a perforated coupon with the idea that clients can use the perforated coupons when your physical store or location is back open, to tempt them back into your store when restrictions are lifted!

Add an Antimicrobial Coating.

When ordering with us you can ask for an Antimicrobial Coating to be added to your final products, which can also be declared on your print. This provides your customers and clients with that extra bit of reassurance that your Door Drop is completely germ-free, something that a lot of people would be grateful for at the moment. This is particularly effective in the food and drink sector and healthcare industry.

Think about the size of your mailer!

Customers that have never done business with you are 15% more likely to respond to a piece of oversized direct mail than a smaller piece of mail! So absolutely take this into account with your design and check out our huge range of Infinity Card sizes!

Get in touch with us, or order your free sample pack to see how our products can create engagement with your audiences from the comfort of their own home!

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