How to re-open your business with creative print marketing.

Published on May 4, 2021

Is your business re-opening soon? One of the most effective ways to let customers know you’re re-opening is through creative print marketing. It’s also one of the most effective ways to get them to re-engage with you. 

There are some really creative ways that you can let your customers know that you’re re-opening your business and ways to get them back into store. Combining this with some offers could really entice potential customers to come and see you when you re-open and get business booming again.

Reach customers directly

Direct Mail Marketing is the perfect way to reach your customers with some impressive print marketing that is ideal to pair with coupons, or vouchers to make sure they get back into store. 70% of people remember print marketing over digital marketing. This powerful statistic combined with an impressive piece of print pushed directly through their door is a sure-fire way to grab your customers’ attention. You could even send a direct mail campaign as a thank you campaign, thanking your loyal customers for their continued support through this really challenging time. Check out our range of Infinity Cards which are perfect to send as direct mail pieces.

Health and Safety

Maybe you need to communicate changes on how your business is operating to your staff or to your customers? What better way to do this than in a compact and retainable format that can be easily slipped into pockets, wallets or bags. Let your staff know any new regulations and let customers know what they can expect when they visit you and the rules they’ll need to abide by. Z-Fold Cards are the perfect format for this. Customisable, engaging and retainable, you can communicate important information with the added bonus of it being engaging to your customers or staff.

Excite your customers

Focus your print campaign on a giveaway or exciting offer. Get customers to bring their direct mail piece with them into store in order to redeem it. Or if you’re aim isn’t to get them back into store. Include a discount code on the direct mail piece for them to use online. 

Keep it clean

Are you a restaurant or coffee shop? Why not update your menus and loyalty cards with an Antimicrobial coating and state this on the menu. This is a brilliant way to give your customers extra peace of mind that the print marketing in your establishment is germ free. A great feature for when you’re re-opening.

Did you know? 

During the Great Depression of 1929-1933, the global brand Kelloggs continued to push through with their marketing and advertising, whilst their competitors ceased any form of marketing and advertising to save money. Although Kelloggs marketed at a loss at first, in the end they starved out their competitors and the brand is now one of the leading cereal brands in the world. A little reminder to keep going and keep marketing your business through all the uncertainty!

Get in touch with us to get started on re-opening your business with creative print, we’d love to be able to give you a helping hand. A big good luck from us! You’ve totally got this!

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