Awesome Ways To Combine Your Print and Social Media Marketing.

Published on October 22, 2020

Combine your print and social media marketing

Are you looking to grow your Social Media presence? You may think that your online and offline presence are separate components in your marketing strategy, but you’d benefit a lot more by learning to combine your print and social media marketing.

Whilst the world is becoming increasingly digitized, but with print still having a huge impact on consumers, it is now more important to bring the two together and use cross media technology to our advantage.

So let’s break it down. You may have already researched how to combine your print and digital strategies. But what methods are there to specifically increase your social following and engagement through using print?

Perhaps the most simple step…include your social media handles. 

Make sure to include all your correct social media handles on your printed materials. If you’re sending out print marketing to hundreds or even thousands of people, that is great exposure for your social channels. This includes ALL of your print, not just your smaller (in size, not stature!) materials like Z Fold Cards, Infinity Cards and business cards. But your larger print campaigns too. Think company vehicles and exhibition stands. 

Social Media Campaigns…promote them with your print. 

One way of doing this is to run a giveaway contest on your social media channels. Post a photo and get your followers to comment to be able to enter the competition. Promote this giveaway in your printed marketing materials instore or through direct mail promotion. Increased engagement on your posts means you are more likely to get seen by complex social algorithms. A brilliant way to use print to your social advantage!

One that might not be so obvious…include your social media reviews on your print.

If you tend to gather some of your reviews through social media (which is great!) then there are huge benefits to doing this. 3 in 4 shoppers say that they trust online reviews and nearly 9 out of 10 consumers say that they read reviews before making a purchase. So if you can include some fantastic reviews on your print, then you’re more likely to turn those potential leads into conversions; definitely not a tip to be overlooked!

Last but most certainly not least…QR codes, QR codes, QR codes!

Make it super easy for your potential customers to view your social media channels quickly. Create QR codes for your social pages and put them on your print. With a quick scan of their camera they can be taken straight to your social media channels. Easy, painless and a great one for YouTube videos!

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