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Published on October 21, 2020

A2Z Local Services Guide

Throughout these very testing times for businesses it’s important to stay in the minds of your customers and not only stay in the minds of your customers but to also make a lasting impression. Finding fresh and innovative ways of presenting yourself to customers can be tricky, it can be time consuming and you might totally be out of ideas. But that is where we can help you with the new A2Z Local Services Guide.

What are the benefits of advertising in the A2Z Local Services Guide?

Our products are used worldwide by organisations large and small because they grab attention, they are engaging, compact and retainable, a very important factor with a local services guide. You don’t want to spend marketing budget on dated print marketing that could potentially get discarded. With this new take on a traditional services guide we can assure you that the engaging, compact nature of the product means your customers are so much more likely to keep their guide close by and your business will be there in the hands of your customers whenever they need you! You could be reaching thousands of letter boxes in your local area for as little as £150 plus VAT. Your business is less likely to get lost amongst other businesses that are advertising in the guide due to it’s smaller, less concentrated format – a common problem with traditional service guides. Similarly to only advertising digitally, your digital ads can get lost amongst the sea of other businesses.

Get in touch…

If you’d like to advertise your business in the A2Z Local Services Guide all you need to do is get in touch and let us know! You can send an email to, give us a ring on 01943 871 166, or alternatively you can send us a direct message on our Social Media pages. 

There are various advert panel sizes and pricing options available. Once you have chosen yours, you can either send us your own artwork in line with our size guidelines, or we can do it for you, and to help local businesses out right now, we’ll do this at absolutely no extra cost! We can even add a QR code to take people to your website or Social Media pages.

Start creating engagement with your audience with the A2Z Local Services Guide now! 

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