5 Spring marketing ideas that avoid those obvious Spring clichés.

Published on March 30, 2022

“Florals? For Spring? Ground-breaking”. Most of us recognise Miranda Priestley’s infamous line in The Devil Wears Prada. Whilst Miranda is right in her observation of this cliché, traditional spring symbolism doesn’t have to be humdrum. Nobody wants their marketing campaigns to fall into the vast sea of the mundane. So how do we capture the essence of spring within our marketing this season whilst remaining innovative? Check out these spring marketing ideas and learn how to avoid the cliché and enable your brand to bloom this spring.

1) Boundless optimism

Happy woman in field with arms outstretched

The Wunderman & Thompson Future 100 report 2022, has predicted that post-pandemic customers are seeking authentic and uplifting content. Brands are looking to generate joy in their marketing strategies, and we don’t blame them! What better season to promote joy as people begin to spend more time outdoors in the fresh air, whilst the weather gets warmer, and the days get longer.

2) Promote your environmental and sustainability efforts

Branch of tree

Doing less harm to the planet is no longer enough, this year is all about regeneration. What is your brand doing to repair the damage accrued over centuries of environmental damage? If the answer is nothing, then spring is the perfect time to give back to the environment. 81% of people prefer to buy from sustainable sellers/environmental supporters. The brands that not only uphold their corporate

social responsibility but lead the way and inspire other brands for regeneration are noticed by consumers. Regeneration? For spring? We love to see it.

3) Diverse and distinctive colours


Freshen up your spring colour palette with some of our favourite colours from Pantone’s spring collection 2022. Whether you want to uplift your customers, make them feel calm or add a touch of beauty to your branding, this colour palette has it all. Daffodil yellow has an energy that can make your customers feel joyful and optimistic, blue can bring a sense of calm and security and pink can add the glamour and beauty that is often associated with flowers. Surprise your audience with a spring themed social media post or blog by using these seasonal colours.

4) Organise yourself

Plant on desk in a marketing office

Plan your promotions for the holidays, from Mother’s Day, Easter, Earth Day, and International Women’s Day, and consider what you can offer your customers in celebration of these events and ahead of time. Whilst your customers are enjoying their spring discounts, it is a great time to bring in fresh ideas. Take time to reset, then do an in-depth audit on your marketing strategy. Consider every option available that can maximise your campaign efforts. Are you utilising your budget? Do you have a mix of both print and digital? Are your social media calendars & blog calendars up to date?

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5) Interactivity

Infinity Card showing a Qr code.

Unlike traditional print, interactive print increases positive interactions with customers by creating memorable experiences. Encourage user participation through engaging print, such as Infinity Cards, Z Fold Cards, or users scanning printed QR codes. The options for creative print campaigns are endless and help to achieve a greater return on investment. Combine digital interactivity with print marketing and watch as your campaign takes off.

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