4 ways you can use print to improve your mental health

Published on October 10, 2021

Practising ways to improve your mental health is vital, now more than ever. With such busy lives, constantly using technology and looking at screens for hours on end sometimes, it is so important to take time out to make sure we’re keeping our minds healthy. 

When we think of ways to improve our mental health we rarely think that print can play a big part in that. But it actually can. Below we’ve listed some easy ways that print can improve the state of your mental well-being. Give them a try! 

1. Use print to take some time for you and read.

Taking the time out to sit quietly and read a book can have fantastic results in making you feel more relaxed, calm and also accomplished. Books can be an escape from the ‘real world’ much like watching films. However avoiding looking at screens and getting lost in a book instead of a film can be a lot more beneficial to your well-being. Finishing a book can also give you a sense of accomplishment, even if just small, it can be a confidence boost. But not only can you read fictional books to escape but there are also a large range of fantastic self help books out there that can help you greatly from managing stress, to guiding you through meditation practices.

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2. Use print to structure your week.

When we have our weeks planned in advance it can bring a sense of calm and focus. 

Using weekly planners or diaries and getting into a routine of using them often to structure your week and plan your time can help a lot in reducing stress. It can help us get through our ‘to-do lists’ and remind us of things that we would otherwise forget. Not only bringing a sense of accomplishment when we tick off those tasks but also we can prioritise our day to day jobs and maybe even get rid of those tasks we don’t need to do and save ourselves unnecessary stress!

3. Use print to calm your stress.

Adult colouring books have been proven to play a massive part in improving mental wellbeing. Art therapy has been used for many years to improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and even addictions. It is said that colouring can induce a mindful or meditative state, relaxing the brain and helping you to focus on a simple task that distracts your brain from daily life struggles or problems. It has been suggested by researchers in New Zealand that colouring as little as 10 minutes a day, this activity can start to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. You don’t even have to spend loads on colouring books! There are plenty of designs on the internet that are free to download and print out yourself at home.

4. Use print to Journal.

Writing about your thoughts and experiences can actually improve your mental well-being. So how exactly do you journal? Well there are apps you can use but studies show that the old fashioned way of using pen and paper is more effective and beneficial. So firstly, grab yourself a pen and maybe even treat yourself to a new notebook! Write about your day to day life, situations you’ve encountered, how you’re feeling, and your thoughts and emotions. It is proven that journaling can reduce stress, improve memory, and boosts your mood. 

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