4 easy ways to track the effectiveness of your print.

Published on December 14, 2020

Our last blog post gave you a few tips on how to make your print marketing more engaging, so how do you track the effectiveness of your print? It is pointless to carry out any campaign without analysing how it worked for your business. The analysis then allows you to adjust your campaigns for next time and gradually over time, tailor your campaigns more and more so they appeal to your target audience!

The best place to start.

What is the goal of your print marketing campaign? You and your team need a clear goal to be able to measure the success of your campaign in relation to your goal. Is your goal to generate more traffic to your website to raise brand awareness? Or maybe it’s to increase the conversions on your online shop. Whatever your goal, it’s very important to have one, and your goal will be the main factor that will determine your CTA (Call-to-Action) on your print campaign. So, for instance, if you’re looking to give your online sales a boost, you’d direct your audience to your online shop using your print.

1.Spend a bit of time with Google Analytics.

Getting to grips with Google Analytics is so important when you want to analyse your results. It’s not just for digital marketing analysis! You can use it for your print too, you just have to be a bit smart about it!

The most basic way to use Analytics to analyse your print campaign is to mark the start date of your print marketing campaign and monitor the visits to your website once it has been distributed. If you notice your visits go up in this time you can assume that your print campaign has had a part to play in this. 

But it’s much wiser to analyse a bit deeper than this. By incorporating digital elements into your print marketing, you can use Analytics to see results such as landing page views, number of users, location of users, and demographics such as age and gender. All of these are key factors in understanding your audience better. Which in turn allows you to tailor your future marketing campaigns to appeal to your target audience more effectively. 

2.Inspire and track with Promotional Codes.

Using promotional codes is an easy way of tracking which online orders have been inspired by your print marketing. Tell your audience that if they use a specific code, e.g ‘USE CODE: OFFER10’ they can receive a discount. All you have to do is implement a voucher code box on your website for your customers to pop their discount code into. When you receive orders that have used this unique code, you’ll know instantly that this customer has engaged with your print. 

3.Lead with QR codes.

Including QR codes on your print marketing means you can lead your potential customers to just about wherever you like! We mentioned earlier that the goal of your campaign will affect the CTA you place on your print. Your unique QR code could direct your audience to your website, your online shop, or a separate landing page. 

4.Create and engage with a separate landing page.

Directing your customers to a separate landing page or URL will give you a clearer idea of how many people have followed through on your CTA. Obviously, it’s important to include your web presence on your print marketing. However, if people search your general website this will just show up as Direct Traffic in your Analytics report and this can essentially come from anywhere. Using a vanity URL or landing page you’ll be able to monitor how many times your landing page has been viewed as a result of your print marketing. A separate landing page is also a great way for you to give potential customers a push to sign up to your marketing list, like monthly newsletters or for offering discounts via email. 

Our Z-Fold and Infinity Cards are perfect to combine with digital elements for tracking how effective your print campaign has been. The compact, retainable and engaging nature of the products means that your audience will always have your brand at their fingertips.

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