Financial Services

Anything is possible with an Alpha Card as the Financial Services Industry has found. Often used as an information guide come business card, Tax Card or as part of a campaign launch.

Absolutely love the business card turned Tax Card that Alpha designed for us. They are perfect when I am at events as they are a great size to carry around compared to our previous larger tax rate booklets. Having a smaller card means that I tend to use them much more when trying to give clients a more visual overview of the impact of their tax affairs. The Alpha Team were so easy to work with and made the process of designing the product so efficient and they were designed, printed, and arrived in no time. Super service.

Donna Thomas, Head of Client Services, Haines Watts


A Challenger bank, Monzo operates exclusively digitally, offering innovative and convenient ways for customers to manage their finances via their mobile app.

One such innovation was the #OldStreetMonzo campaign. Eager to engage their customers and give something back, Monzo kicked off their first ever shopping event. Monzo collaborated with 13 local businesses to give users special deals and prize draws from the various local establishments. They used our Credit 6×3 Alpha Card to get local users to fully engage with the event. The compact, retainable, and engaging nature of the Z Fold Card makes it an ideal cross-media tool to bridge the gap between digital and print marketing and help maximise the effectiveness of both.


And maximise your printed potential…