DL Infinity Card

Our German Client, Utilis, used our DL Infinity Card product as a product marketing piece. The product was produced across 2 versions, a version for both German and French users, which was more economical than doing 2 separate print runs. 

Product marketing is one of our most popular applications when using our Infinity Cards. These products are a great way to promote a newly launched product or service because the unique folding motion adds a level of mystery to a potential product or service reveal.

This size of Infinity Card is ideal for mailing, it fits perfectly in a DL envelope and creates engagement when it reaches its destination. We offer a direct mail service, so we can provide envelope, format data, ink jet addresses from data supplied and mail to its destination, taking all the hassle away from our clients.

Credit Card Size

Fancy a new business card?

76x76mm or 3x3'

Stand out from your competitor!

100x100mm or 4x4'

Great to get an important message across!

125x125mm or 5x5'

Any sector anywhere!

A6 or 6x4'

Direct mailing at its best!

150x150mm or 6x6'

Product marketing on another level!

Circular 156mm or 6x6' diameter

Create a splash with your marketing handouts!

DL or 8x4'

Taking your pamphlet to a new dimension!

A5 or 8x6'

Half an A4 but a whole lot more!

210x210mm or 8x8'

Half an A4 but a whole lot more!



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